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How To Find Sim Number On Cnic

How To Find Sim Number On Cnic. You will soon receive a reply via text message showing you the total number. Once completed, send this message to 668.

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The server will respond with a. To know the amount of sims registered against your cnic via sms, here could be a short guide: Enter your cnic number under the required field.

After a bit, a list of sims register against your cnic will appear in the form of a table.

In case of foreign nationals, click on foreign id. Sometime you don't know about all mobile number on your sim. First al of all, visit pta sim portal website.

Enter the cnic number in the given field and press the search button.

A webpage will open in new tab. Put your cnic number there. You have to enter the number of any of your sims when you enter the sim number.

Type your cnic number without any hyphens.

You will be shown a list of the registered sims against that particular cnic in a tabular form. As per pakistan telecommunication authority (pta), you need to follow the following steps for the sim verification process:. On the off chance that your telephone doesn't uphold sending a clear book, you can compose anything in your content prior to sending it to 667.

Other ways of checking sims on cnic mobilink / warid.

You can check the network of any number by sending n 03xx3456789 to 76367 for rs. How to check sims on cnic there are two ways to check the number of sims against cnic. The link will open a web page asking you to enter your information.

The server will respond with a.

Visit the pta sim information website. A person who is looking for an online method for checking how many sims are active on your cnic number. Here is a quick guide about sim check on cnic.

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