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10 Cryptos That Are Worth Accumulating

A total of 10 altcoins in the cryptocurrency space have made an impact on the crypto market in the last week. This is stated by Altcoin Daily, in a video that provides an extensive analysis of the ten assets. In this video, viewers are guided by Aaron Arnold, in exploring how altcoins are revolutionizing the crypto space.

Launching from Youtube Altcoin Daily, the first is Cardano by discussing the optimistic vision of Charles Hoskinson who is its founder. According to Hoskinson, Cardano's native token ADA has the potential to surpass Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies this summer.

“This is supported by a series of updates and proposals, including proposal CIP-1694 which aims to revolutionize Cardano's on-chain governance infrastructure and build a truly decentralized government,” said Hoskinson.

Second, namely the latest development of Avalanche which is also highlighted in the video. Arnold said Ava Cloud, a platform for dedicated blockchain deployment and scaling, has been launched.

“In addition, Avalanche has made its first foray into multi-chain expansion with the introduction of the Euro stablecoin. This progress attracts developers and increases DeFi liquidity in the Avalanche ecosystem,” he said.

10 Cryptos That Are Worth Accumulating

Third, namely The Graph Protocol (GRT) mainnet which has experienced a 26 percent quarter-on-quarter increase in active subgraphs over the last five quarters.

It also points out that Ethereum exchange balances have hit a five year low, while Ethereum deposits staking have hit an all-time high of 22.2 million.

“Up next is a partnership between Aptos Labs and NBC Universal, in creating a Web 3 game to promote Nicholas Cage's upcoming film, “Renfield.” This game will feature digital collectibles imprinted on the Aptos blockchain,” said Hoskinson.

Another project mentioned was Karate Combat, which Joe Rogan is very bullish on. This project allows players to bet on MMA fights and get prizes. In this regard, Arnold suggests that this could be an early sign of Web3 adoption.

Besides that, there is Uniswap which has received attention due to the increase in the number of active monthly users. Arnold credits Polygon, Ethereum's layer 2 solution for successfully onboarding millions of users to the crypto world.

"The partnership between Polygon and Reddit has been instrumental in attracting 9.7 million users to Reddit's NFT platform in the past 10 months, leveraging Polygon's multi-chain ecosystem," he said.

He also includes Decentraland, Metaverse Pride 2023. The three-day celebration aims to drive real change at the individual level within the metaverse. The event will offer educational experiences and live music performances, with a focus on the Pride community.

Apart from that, this video also explores the potential of Elrond, a blockchain platform designed for high-speed transactions and smart contracts. In this case, Arnold highlighted Elrond's collaborations and partnerships, including its integration with Chainlink and its participation in the Open DeFi alliance.

“Finally, the emergence of social tokens and their potential to transform the creator economy. Social tokens allow content creators to monetize their work and forge a direct relationship with their audience,” concluded Arnold.

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