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3 AI-Based Cryptos with Cash Potential: AGIX, FET, ALI

It is reported that AI is one of the most searched keywords in the world today according to Google. Even now AI keywords have reached the highest number of search terms on Google.

This condition indicates that interest or curiosity about AI or Artificial Intelligence is increasing, indicating that there is potential for profit in the sector, from a financial or even operational standpoint in daily life.

Crypto also seems to be one of the markets that takes advantage of this AI phenomenon because a lot of integration has been carried out which has resulted in many new projects being formed in the name of Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, investors can start paying attention to this sector in order to be able to take advantage of these new projects from a technological point of view as well as the potential benefits they can provide.

Here are three AI-based cryptos that have quite interesting profit potential, especially in the next week due to price movements.

3 AI-Based Cryptos with Cash Potential: AGIX, FET, ALI

1#. SingularityNet (AGIX)

The first is SingularityNet which is an AI-based project with a token called AGIX. This project is a blockchain-like network whose goal is to become a platform for individuals or companies that want to build AI-based services.

This network focuses on providing a place so that its users can build a decentralized application or project but with the aim of services, in all sectors of the economy, by providing all the necessary things.

This is a smart contract and software development kit that is provided using an easy language and is known by project creators in the crypto world.

Currently there are several projects that are building on this network even though the network still seems new.

In the last few days, this project has received positive sentiment from the AI ​​phenomenon which is starting to get busy again and it seems that this project is starting to be active again giving news to its community and the many new collaborations that have been carried out.

2#. Fetch.ai (FET)

Next is FET which is one of the projects in the crypto world which is one of the first to take advantage of AI technology. This project has been in development since 2017 which has made it last a long time in the crypto market until now.

This project is one of the crypto projects that as a whole utilizes AI technology and stands as a network to accommodate projects that want to take advantage of AI.

The difference with AGIX is that FET provides a forum for projects that want to build data-based products and all things related to data management, so Fetch.ai is a network that focuses on data management but is based on AI.

The latest innovation is a new wallet called super wallet where the wallet can not only facilitate portfolio management with the help of AI but also provide social features, namely to contact each other between users or messaging.

It seems that this innovation has succeeded in pushing FET to increase significantly and form new hopes for its investors.

3#. Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI)

Finally, ALI, which is like FET and AGIX, is a network that focuses on being a platform for projects that want to build by fully utilizing AI technology.

The difference is, ALI provides a platform for projects that want to build decentralized applications and character assets like NFTs but automatically or generatively using AI as is popular in recent months.

In addition, ALI also only utilizes Ethereum or ERC-20 technology so that all the tools used will be better known by developers who want to build projects on the ALI network.

As a result of its usefulness, ALI is getting a lot of attention which has made it move up again in the last few days after experiencing a drastic correction in the past few months.

This new movement can be used to start looking for profits as there is a possibility of a U-turn for a long-term upside move.

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