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6 Presale Cryptos You Can Learn Before The Price Explodes

Many crypto prices soared to yearly highs after Judge Analysis Torres ruled that XRP was not a security in the SEC's landmark case against Ripple Labs.

The ruling produced mixed results, stating that XRP is not a security, but the institutional sale of XRP is a sale of securities, opening the door to possible SEC regulation of the crypto.

However, this hasn't stopped the market from moving since the last bull market, and the court ruling caused the price of XRP to rise 90% and other cryptocurrencies to explode as well.

Besides XRP, some of the strongest cryptos to see gains were BTC20, XLM, SNX, SOL, LDO ADA, and PEPE, which saw gains of over 20% each.

The recent decisions have provided more regulatory certainty, meaning that there will be plenty of investors who are on the sidelines of being able to start entering the market before the next bull run occurs.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the top cryptos that look set to explode.

6 Presale Cryptos You Can Learn Before The Price Explodes


BTC20 Crypto is the latest ERC-20 project which is currently launching a presale allowing investors to have the opportunity to buy Bitcoin back in 2011. At that time, the price of BTC was only $1, while now it has reached over $30,000.

The project has striking similarities to Bitcoin, but with technological developments since Bitcoin was designed in 2008, BTC20 has added features such as community rewards, environmental friendliness, and easier use.

BTC20 aims to be a legitimate alternative to Bitcoin, with analysts predicting huge profit potential. This project has a limited supply of 21 million tokens and an interesting “Stake to Earn” feature.

Tokenomics' fair and decentralized rollout provides clues to BTC20's long-term potential. This presale is the only chance to buy BTC20 for $1. After the presale ends, the token price will be determined by supply and demand.

In addition, using the Ethereum blockchain provides benefits for the community, including passive rewards through the Stake to Earn feature. Sustainability is also a focus, as BTC20 is more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin.

BTC20 presale has started, but availability is limited. Investors can acquire these tokens through the official website with hopes for potential future growth and profits.


yPredict is a coin that is ready to explode and change the world of crypto trading. With an innovative vision and ambitious goals, yPredict aims to unite artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 on one powerful platform.

Through an ongoing presale, yPredict is offering an opportunity for investors to acquire YPRED coins at a lower price. This presale provides benefits for early investors who want to get high profit potential when the price of YPRED coins increases in the future.

The yPredict platform offers a wide range of advanced trading tools, such as AI-based automatic chart pattern recognition, artificial intelligence powered trading signals and market sentiment analysis. Apart from that, the platform also has a dedicated prediction market where AI experts can offer tailor-made models to traders.

With over 19,000 followers on their official Twitter, yPredict has attracted significant interest from the crypto community. Investors have a limited amount of time to purchase YPRED coins at a discount before these coins are traded on exchanges.

To date, YPRED's presale has raised over $3 million. And in this stage 7 presale, you can buy these tokens for $0.01. By combining artificial intelligence and Web3, yPredict strives to be a leader in providing advanced trading tools to crypto traders. Don't miss this opportunity and be a part of the changes taking place in the dynamic world of crypto trading.

XYZ launchpad

Launchpad XYZ is an innovative and trusted token launch platform in the crypto world. Built with the aim to support promising blockchain projects. One of the main features of Launchpad XYZ is its ability to bring investors and projects together in one ecosystem.

LPX is one of the hotly discussed coins, ready to hit the digital currency market. In its recent presale, LPX raised over $1 million in record time. The price of 1 LPX in presale is currently $0.0445, giving investors the opportunity to acquire this coin at a profitable price.

With high levels of interest and impressive funding gains, LPX promises huge profit potential in the future. This project has attracted the attention of investors from all over the world who believe in LPX's vision and growth potential.

LPX also offers innovative and unique features that make it different from other coins. Strong community support and a solid network are the pillars of LPX's success.

If you are looking for a promising investment opportunity, LPX is an option worth considering. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the exploding LPX journey in the digital currency market.

Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is a coin that is currently in the spotlight in the crypto market right now. With an extremely successful presale, the project has raised over $15 million in funding. This shows the great interest of investors in this coin.

The WSM presale is currently offering a price of $0.0316 per token. At this price, investors have the opportunity to acquire WSM at a lower price than the future price. The high profit potential has attracted many people to take part in this presale.

Wall Street Memes attract attention with a strong community and innovative concepts. The project is supported by a large and growing online community. Even well-known personalities like Elon Musk have interacted with Wall Street Memes, showing their interest in this coin.

With the achievements that have been achieved and the support of a solid community, Wall Street Memes has great growth potential in the future. This coin is an attractive option for investors looking for coins with high profit potential.

If you are interested in participating in the WSM presale, grab this opportunity before the price increases. Wall Street Memes offer a great opportunity for investors looking to profit in the ever-growing crypto market.


Ethereum has experienced a gain of 6.5% following the XRP ruling. Even though the gains were lower than XRP or XLM, this means that there is still room for further growth in the coming days.

The reason Ethereum is currently bullish is because SEC Chairman Gary Gensler previously referred to Ethereum as a security. However, with XRP declared not to be a security by Judge Torres, it is unlikely that the SEC will be able to prove that ETH is indeed a security.

Therefore, institutions and companies now have a clearer view of the legality surrounding Ethereum, which could lead to intense buying pressure in the weeks and months ahead.

Currently, the price of Ethereum is close to $2 thousand, which is around $1,998. While this is a significant resistance level for ETH, a break of it could result in an explosive move to the upside.

ETH has been trading above its 200 EMA since January and continues to make higher lows. Moreover, the price recently broke the August 2022 resistance level.


Pepe is a meme coin that became famous in April this year. Even though many critics thought that the hype would die down, it looks like the project is moving on.

Since the XRP ruling, Pepe has been one of the strongest gainers, currently up 18% in the last 24 hours and 90% in the past week, with a current market capitalization of $691,788,272.

The project stands as the second highest trending cryptocurrency behind XRP according to CoinMarketCap.

One of the reasons for Pepe's rise is because Pepe's price fell 59% from ATH in May. This presents significant upside potential for cryptos that can quickly gather hype.

Pepe recently entered the Fibonacci Retracement “Golden Zone”, which could be a confirmation of a trend reversal. Also, with very little resistance between the current price and ATH, a sharp move up may be imminent.

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